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Monday, January 02, 2006
[rebyu] The 50 OPM Songs of 2005

The year for 2005 was a joyride for music afficionados. During that year, a feast of cacophony was served in a buffet table. Leading to the main course were the 'pogi/gwapo rocks' from the chefs of Hale and Cueshe. Indie acts became the appetizers, and some novelties never failed for some hungry listeners to become the festivities desert.
All in all, the year of 2005 paved way for some musicians to released their self from the shackles of being a show bands/immitators to a full-fledged musicians pursuing their genres and influences. The year became notorious in introducing triphops, disco-punks, nu souls that will threaten the fame of sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, and other Viva and Star Records stellar cast.
Before the year 2006 barks its way in the world of OPM, i compiled the 50 OPM songs that became part of my life (cliche), at kahit tumantanda na ako aawitin ko pa rin ito.

Acknowledgement: Wish to thank cursed for giving me the idea. Copy cat lang ako, pero ano ngayon.
Disclaimer: Hundred of songs rode the frequencies last year, at kung iisipin mahirap talagang pumili ng mga kantang maiipasok sa list na 'to. The songs were ranked according to their frequent plays na napapakinggan ko palagi, artistic and technical merits. and with out further ka-ek-ekan (drum rolls):

Presenting the 50 OPM songs of 2005 (in Eddie Mercado's voice)

50. When by 18th Issue - the only song from 18th issue that I likes, a mellow form of funk yet a little bit sexy.
49. Freedom/Kalayaan by Humble Sauce - reggae from the band that performed during the GuniGuni Launching Party, the catchy lyrics in Tagalog and English about Filipino struggles was definitely got its nod.
48. Kasama by Bridge - "malayo-layo na rin ang ating narating," this song tells about friendship. Ayyyy....
47. 108 Eyes by Cynthia Alexander - it's from Cynthia, a song from mystical origins.
46. Lemerson by Sheila and the Insects - first heard this track from their blog. 80s na 80s pare.
45. Anup by Kadangyan - a neo-ethnic band from the down south, Cebu performed this song during the Fete that kept the whole crowd dancing on an ethic beat. "The beauty of the people, can be seen in the richness of its culture."
44. Ako si M16 by Junior Kilat - NU Rock Award Song of the Year, bai. With its Cebuano lyrics ala Lord of Wars, it definitely attracts everyone attention to dance to its brass sections, and fiery performance from Budoy. Watch them live and listen to the live track.
43. Kwarto by Sugarfree - as emo as its lyrics sound, this song is a tearjerker especially sa mga iniwan and looking forward sa "umagang kay ganda". "Lumabas ako ng kwarto't naroon siya"
42. She's so Fine by Kinetic Daze - can't wait for these guys to launch their debut album this year. This track is perfect for some chicks hunting, and I also remember playing this track during the Extra Challenge episode where Valerie Conception guested.
41. Patawad by Chubibo - di ko pinalalagpas ang segment ng Barkada Trip sa Studio 23 na hindi ko mapapakinggan ang kantang ito. From the first line, "Lumilipad ang isip, natutulala" up to the last line of the song, mahook-up ka sa catchy melody and lonely lyrics gaya ng mga masayang ilaw sa isang chubibo.
40. Damn by Centerfold - i really don't know bakit nagkakaroon ako ng goosebumps everytime I listen to this song from the band hailed from Bicol, dahil siguro sa sincerity ng kanta from the melody to the vocals. Buti na lang indie act 'to kundi isa sa magiging overkill songs ito.
39. Dizzy Boy by Pedicab - disco-punk from a group that wears a uniform. This song never fails me in catching my attention from the unique flavor of its cacophony.
38. Torpedo by Isha - my favorite E-heads song covered by one ethreal singer. Kung pure piano ang ginawang pagproduce at arrange ng kanta, this song will definitely ranks at the top spot.
37. Gin Pomelo by Radioactive Sago Project - its is all about gin pomelo, a concoction of gin and pomelo and this song is a concoction of raw riotous act of brass section, and spowkeen words from one of the country's premier poet.
36. Roses and Caddilacs by Daydream Cycle - this dreamy track reminded me to sit, relax, and enjoy the surreal image that this band conjures.
35. Posible by Rivermaya - the secret from the Team Phillipines success is in this song. Rico Blanco created another milestones along with his Awit ng Kabataan at Liwanag sa Dilim.
34. Luntian by Hellbender - Rock! This band almost had a name from a comic book created a song that will define their alter-egos.
33. Mang Jose by Parokya ni Edgar - Maskman, ikaw ba yan? Hindi, ako si Mang Jose, ang superherong pwede mong arkilahin. Fifty-pesos lang, heto ang resibo.
32. The Day You Said Goodnight by Hale - all kolehiyalas are screaming every time they hear this song, the reason why - "Champ stole my girlfriend!".
31. Call it a Flick by Ciudad - it takes a long years of camaraderie starting way back in highschool to form one of the distinct sound in pinoy indie culture
32. Let You Go by Coffee Break Island - a rocksteady influenced reggae woke me up during my stay in the boarding house.
30. Alcohol by Radioactive Sago Project - a track from the Eheads tribute album - with its horn and brass section intro ala Astro to the poemish lyrics this song give the album a very distinct flavor for every E-heads fans. "Shit, kailangan ko na ng yelo."
29. Chicksilog by Kamikaze - a hilarious song about a mistaken gender identity, just take take a look at the title "chick na may itlog".
28. Where Do We Begin by Mishka Adams - hindi lang pang-sopistakado ang jazz ni Mishka, her voice takes you to a quick educational tour in the world of jazz.
27. The Art of Letting Go by Valley of Chrome - this is not a love song, this song is all about letting a failed relationship in a very sarcastic way. A lot of hatred was poured out from the lyrics, and the melody sang in anger.
26. Pag-agos by Updharma Down - from a powerful vocal of Armi Mallari to the arrangement that will keep your heart into flowing, this "it" band is making their way on my CD racks this coming January.
25. Hallelujah by Bamboo - from the tradition of Noypi, Bamboo once again pulled out an inspirational rock anthem for the generation. Hearing lasengots praise infront of a videoke make Bamboo, Aira, Nathan, and Vic a "Golden Gods".
24. Kusina by Narda - anong oras na? ala-sais ng gabi. ganun ba, anong meron sa kusina? an indie act of instruments that acts like utensils and an image that fits for its lyrics - experimental.
23. Daybreak by Nuncyspungen - their name derived from Sid Vicious lover, and this song offered a scene of the sun bursting itself to a welcoming day.
22. Taning by Imago - so sad that you can't resist singing the song.
23. Change is Breaking Us Apart by The Dawn - most of the song released this year (2005) were inspirational songs, and The Dawn's opus is one of them.
21. Asan Na by Twisted Halo - Saang kanta ka makakarinig ng mga salitang 'sagwan', 'bangka', 'sigalot', 'paalon-alon' - kalimitan sa mga awitin nila Noel Cabangon, Buklod, Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad, at Asin, pero dito sa awiting ito pinatunayan ng Twisted Halo kung bakit matalinghaga ang salitang Tagalog at romantiko ang mga 'folk ballad'.
20. To You by Drip - kung may isang achievement ang pinoy music scene, eto ang pagkakatuklas ng trip-hop, and for sure Drip will have their place along Portishead, Morcheeba, and Bjork.
19. Much Has Been Said by Bamboo - if there is one song from Bamboo that I like, this is it. A complete nostalgic music perfect for those cold weathers and foreplays. A sample from Lisa Loeb's "Stay" and an RnB flavor give this rock band a soft and mellow side.
18. Broken Sonnet by Hale - i love this song when it first came out, a 'torpe' song perfect for a 'torpe'.
17. Hangang Kailan by Orange and Lemons - "Umuwi ka na baby..." you heard it all over the radio stations. From the Morissey-ish vocals to the catchy melodies a perfect radio friendly song.
16. Sunday Shining by Kapatid - Ohmygawd! Its Karl Roy!
15. Dito Tayo sa Dilim by Pedicab - pare, ano ba meron sa dilim? kahit ano, matulis, mahaba, may patalim. Espada? Sumayaw ka na lang kaya.
14. Nice Place by Juan Pablo's Dream - do you think wearing those cold weather outfits in a tropical country is cool? wait till you listen to their 60s inspired music and a lyrics that will glue to your mind.
13. Superproxy 2k6 by Francis M with Ely Buendia - nagbaliktaran ng duties sila Francis M. at Ely B. Kung paano dinala tayo ni Francis sa mga alt-rock musics niya during the 90s ganun din dito. A full volume is a must.
12. Spolarium by Imago - a dark song perfect for Aia's haunting voice.
11. Alert the Armory by Urbandub - pare, foreign ba yan? hindi, Cebuano. Ah, foreign nga.
10. Ang Ating Araw by Dicta License - whew! beating hallelujah and posible for the anthem of the year
09. Kahit na by Bridge - blues and jazz for this band hailed from the Narra residence. This love song reminds of Jeff Buckley jamming with the Daves Matthew's Band.
08. Koro by Greyhoundz - a fiery song from the fiery performers.
07. No Ordinary Love by Urbandub - Urbandub's cover of Sade classic, a flawless explosion of their artistry.
06. Maybe by Updharma Down - Pinoy ba 'to dude? Yup! Galeng naman nila. Ganda ni Armi no?
05. Quick to Panic by Sheila and the Insects - Yes, push the button and play this track.
04. Production Number by Itchyworms - the boys from Itchyworms created an atmosphere of Eat Bulaga, SST, and Lunch Date through this song.
03. Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown) by Orange and Lemons - a real sappy song while crying your heart out in the company of San Miguel.
02. Song Number 9 by Drip - adobo, cute chicks, Beng groovin to her sultry voice - a perfect video to my appetite.
01. Akap by Imago - imago showed that they are one of the toughest band to emerged this year. a dark compelling melody for a visually crafted poem gave the band a wider audience.

Posted at 04:46 pm by nosferatujoe

July 22, 2012   12:10 AM PDT
Thank you. This is golden. <3
August 6, 2006   07:05 PM PDT
i dance to the ethnic tribal beat of kadangyan last june 30 sa fete di lang ako kundi lahat ng tao sumayaw,naging lively ang audience pag akyat nila sa stage.bago pa cla patay na patay ang mga tao parang gutom sa tugtugan ng ibang banda na na una sa kanila.i saw ti in my two eyes... kadangyan astig..sana maging national band kayo.karapat dapat talaga.
January 13, 2006   09:17 AM PST
nice to see sheila and the insects' quick to panic in your list.. i saw them play that song live last night.. awesome..
January 12, 2006   01:00 PM PST
hi rohj. ung top 50 countdowns ay batay lang sa nagustuhan kong mga kanta, na may artistic at technical merits kaya sa totoo may halong bias ng kunti yan. mababasa naman db na halos ung mga napangkingan ko lang ang nakasali jan.
para kay anonymous, maari po bang malaman ang mga tanong...
salamat sa komento.

January 11, 2006   08:04 PM PST
i just like to ask the blogger's e-mail 'coz i'm going to ask some questions. thanks
January 11, 2006   04:17 PM PST
bro, cno nag-post nung top50 countdown? curious lng...
January 3, 2006   07:48 AM PST
the first album was a great one. sayang naman, if they are going to be more canned or packaged band. nakalimutan ko isama yung Action!Action! by the Brockas... hahaha!! that's one of a hell a happy song about Lino Brocka's films. share ko lang.

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